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About Theresa Healthy Soul

Blessings, I am Theresa D. McClellan. After nearly 30 years chronicling the lives of others for the Grand Rapids Press, I semi-retired to explore the second half of my life as a songwriter, entrepreneur and lover of life. My own struggles with obesity, the sudden death of my sister from swine flu followed by a deadly diagnosis of bone marrow cancer for my mother brought me to my knees and sent me on a health journey of mind, body and spirit. Now I write about life, loss, love, death, laughter, food, faith and humor; all the ingredients for a strong mind, body and spirit. Or as I like to say, There's a healthy soul. Here you will find my story as I seek yours. So walk with me, Theresa Healthy Soul!

And So It Begins

And so it begins. This is the year I become all that God has meant for me to be and it starts in the kitchen; eating well to nourish the creative mind, body and spirit with which I’ve been blessed. … Continue reading

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